The Ghost Nebula, IC 63.

The Ghost Nebula (IC 63) resides in the constellation Cassiopeia, not far from the middle star of the “W” shape that makes Cassiopeia so recognizable in the night sky. I saw someone else’s image of this nebula several days ago on Instagram and decided that I needed to try shooting it for myself. I captured 7 hours of data on this nebula over the course of two nights (using the rest of my time over those nights to capture the Witch’s Broom Nebula). This is once again a narrow-band image using the Optolong L-Extreme dual-band filter, shooting with a ZWO ASI533MC Pro cooled color camera through a Sky-Watcher Esprit 100 f/5.5 apo refractor on an iOptron GEM45 mount. Processed using PixInsight, Affinity Photo, and Denoise AI.

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