FAR Circuits sells boards and chips for the digital setting circles projects that have been described here. Go to their web page and search for “Dave Ek” to find links to each of the projects. There will also be a link to an order form on their main page.

Please note: FAR Circuits fabricates and assembles these boards. While I’m happy to help you with answering questions about a board and how it works, and even troubleshooting, if you find problems with workmanship, missing parts, etc. with the board or kit itself, please contact FAR Circuits directly for customer service. I have no business relationship with FAR Circuits and make no money from their sales.

Serial DSC Board

FAR Circuits sells a custom printed circuit board, programmed PIC16F84 microcontroller chip, MAX232 chip, and 4-MHz oscillator for the serial version of my digital setting circles project.

Instructions for building the project using the PC board can be found on my construction page.


FAR Circuits sells a kit with a PC board and all board-mounted parts and connectors for the USB version of my digital setting circles project. The kit does not include the TTL-232R-5V USB-serial cable–that cable needs to be purchased separately and is available from Mouser and Digikey.

Bluetooth DSC Board

FAR Circuits now sells assembled and tested boards for the Bluetooth DSC project described here. Go to the FAR Circuits web page for ordering information and an order form. A configuration and troubleshooting guide can be found here, in case you run into difficulties with these boards.

3 thoughts on “Buy the PC Board and Chips

  1. Sir,

    It would appear that FAR Circuits no longer list your product, nor it provides a search function to find references to it.

    I would like to purchase either the USB and Bluetooth versions. Do you know of any alternate source?

    Thank you


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