The Bubble Nebula, NGC 7635.

I originally shot and processed the Bubble Nebula a few nights ago, posting an image with a larger field of view that included M52, the Cassiopeia Salt and Pepper Cluster. From the start I knew I wanted to revisit that data and crop in on the Bubble Nebula itself to see what I could do. This is the result. One of the many new things I learned while processing this in PixInsight was how to do deconvolution. I wouldn’t claim that I’ve mastered it, but I did manage to improve the sharpness of the image using that technique.

Although I’m still a relative newbie to PixInsight, one of the script libraries I use frequently is the EZ Processing Suite. I use it for denoising, stretching, and now also deconvolution. I also use the Weighted Batch Preprocessing script (included with PixInsight) for doing all my calibration and stacking tasks. Seasoned users of PixInsight are already familiar with these scripts, but if you’re a newbie you may not yet have encountered them.

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