Practically all modern astronomy software packages for Windows now rely on ASCOM and ASCOM drivers for connecting to telescope hardware, and my digital setting circles interface is ASCOM-compatible. You’ll need to install the ASCOM Platform in order to connect my interface. Go here to read about and download the ASCOM driver I’ve written for use with my Digital Setting Circles interface.

It’s also possible to connect my interface to SkySafari (at least on Android) if you either build the bluetooth version of the interface or you provide your own bluetooth-to-serial interface (I’ve also been told that it will work using wifi with the SkyFi device). In SkySafari you’ll probably want to choose “Basic Encoder System” as your telescope type, and then you’ll need to specify your encoder resolutions and perhaps experiment a bit in order to get everything working right. I’ve successfully connected my system to SkySafari in the past, but I’m no longer set up to be able to test this.

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