Elmer 101 was created by members of the Internet QRP club as a tutorial on transceiver theory. The tutorial is based on the design of the SW+40 transceiver kit from Small Wonder Labs and was designed so that it complemented the construction of the kit. Tutorial users would read a little theory, do a little construction, and then test their kit to observe the theory in action. Hundreds of QRP-L members have used this material to expand their knowledge of radio theory.

The original Elmer 101 materials are available at KU4QO’s Elmer 101 web page. They were also published in the Autumn 1998 issue of the QRPp journal by the NorCal QRP Club.

I taught a kit-building class based on the Elmer 101 materials. The presentation materials I created are available as MS Powerpoint slides and can be downloaded by lesson:

Lesson 1: Parts inventory and voltage regulator
Lesson 2: Oscillators and the VFO
Lesson 3: Transmit switch and transmit mixer
Lesson 4: Transmit bandpass filter, buffer, and driver
Lesson 5: Receiver input, receive mixer, and IF filter
Lesson 6: Product detector and first audio amplifier
Lesson 7: Receiver mute circuit, second audio amplifier, and active bandpass filter
Lesson 8: The final amplifier and low pass filter

You’ll need MS Powerpoint in order to view these materials. The slides are also available in PDF form in a single zip file. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or feedback regarding these materials.

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