I’ve written a Windows program for use with my digital setting circles interface project. It ONLY works with my interface, due to its use of the special protocol I wrote. Here’s a screen shot:


This software does three things:

  1. steps you through the two-star alignment process;
  2. displays the direction your telescope is pointing; and
  3. allows you to find objects for which you enter the celestial coordinates. You can also select  the object from a list of deep sky objects.

It includes a help file which should answer any questions you have about its use.

If you find problems with this software, please leave a comment below to tell me about it, so I can fix it.

Click here to download this software.

8 thoughts on “DSCWin Software

  1. Hello Dave.
    Finally I had time to build the digital circles, it works.
    when i test it, I think this way.. with 1 full turn 360 degrees I should see 4096 steps, here when I turn the decoder for approx 160 degrees the 4096 steps already done. I guess this is not good, or am I wrong?

    groeten uit Zwolle.


  2. Dave
    do any of the software work as taking place of a mouse, moving the curser with the telescope to the object on the screen puts it in view ?

    My son in law and I have purchased and are building your Digital Setting Circles

    Please e-mail answer
    Dave Barr

  3. Hi Dave,
    I’d intended designing and building my own DSC but then found your excellent website and source for readymade gear, so will be ordering the kit from FarCircuits
    Just one question, will your DSCWin software run ok on a Win 7 (or 8) tablet?

    best regards

    • You’d be better off just using the ASCOM driver and a commercial program like Stellarium. DSCWin is really old and not very full-featured.



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