Before building the kit, make sure you’ve inventoried your parts against the included parts list. If you come up short on anything, email Doug, KI6DS via his web site ( and let him know, and he’ll fix it promptly.

If you ordered the Survivor with the microphone kit and digital dial kit, build those first, because we’ll use them for testing as we build the Survivor. I’m not going to cover the construction of either of those here. The digital dial will be especially handy for adjusting oscillator frequencies and for general testing.

As I write this, the most current version of the Survivor construction manual is dated 1 March 2013. It needs a number of corrections. Let’s start with the Theory of Operation on p. 16 (these were taken from a post in the Hendricks_SSB Yahoo Group):

Paragraph 7: change Q8 to Q18

Paragraph 11, section 2: The second sentence should read “The product detector (U1)is now the transmit mixer while the Receiver input mixer (U2) is now the balanced modulator.”

Paragraph 11, section 3: change T2 to T3.

Paragraph 11, section 4: cheange Q11 to Q13.

Paragraph 14: change L2 to L3.

Next, there are some inconsistencies between the schematic on p. 17 and the board. From multiple group posts:

R32 in the top left corner of the schematic should be R5.

R16 in the lower left corner should be R29.

R54 should be R50.

R51 is in the bottom left corner of the board layout and appears to be present to feed the digital dial.

In the diagram on p. 7 of the instructions, the locations of R50 and R51 are swapped. The diagram on p. 5 and the board silkscreen are correct.

C11 does not appear on the schematic but should be on the right side, connected between the junction of R3/R4 and ground.

C41 does not appear on the schematic but is connected between the leg of Q12 being fed by 5V and ground (just as C53 is for Q15 on the schematic).

C57 in the lower left corner of the schematic should be C45.

The instructions on p. 11 for winding T5 list 21 and 8 turns, but the schematic shows 22 and 7 turns.

L6 on the schematic is L2 on the board and build list on pg. 7. However on that sheet, L2 has not changed from 2.2 uH. L2’s actual value is 8.2 uH.

Finally, I discovered a mistake on the schematic. The connections to pins 6 and 7 of the TINY13A (U5) are reversed. pin 6 connects to Q11 and Q13, and pin 7 is the ENTX output.

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  1. The email address for the kits (qrpkits) kicked back on me in zero secs. So no go with the email.

    Thanks anyway


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