One thing that puts people off when they consider building their own digital setting circles is the cost of the two rotary encoders that are needed. Building my DSC circuit is fairly inexpensive (maybe $30 or so), but a pair of high-resolution optical encoders can set you back to the tune of $150 or so. Recently, someone posted information about these capacitive encoders on the Palmastro Yahoo! group. Apparently, they work well in digital setting circles applications, and they appear to be electrically compatible with optical encoders. The spec sheet says they’re accurate to 15 arcmin, which is probably good enough for most users. The best part? You can have a pair for about $50. Digi-Key is supposedly a source of these babies.

2 thoughts on “Cheap(er) Encoders for Your Digital Setting Circles

  1. wow that is brilliant. Completed the circuit 3 years ago but the exhange rate went down and I couldnt justify the spend on the encoders.

  2. Finally have it completed. I ordered two sets (pairs ) of these encoders. Its important to remember to order the cables as they are cheap and the connectors are a hard to find (in my country) molex connector.

    The interface would not work but it turned out I had one component in the wrong orientation and the 9V battery I was using to test was only measuring 2.8v in the circuit. I replaced it with a new one and measured 5V and now its fine!


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