My guitar teacher, Charlie, was kind enough this week to send out a reminder to his students regarding humidifying our guitars during the winter, and he passed along a great link to videos about humidity on the Taylor Guitars website. In the videos, Bob Taylor uses a humidity chamber to dry out a guitar and show the effects. It’s not pretty. Then he demonstrates how a rehumidification program can actually restore the guitar to an acceptable condition. In the video, Bob uses Dampit instrument humidifiers (I’ve been using an Oasis OH-1 humidifierTejon Street Music supplied me with it when I purchased my Martin from them, and it seems to work effectively, too). If these videos don’t motivate you to humidify your guitar, I don’t know what will.

While I was checking out the Taylor website, I found some awesome videos on cleaning and restringing, too. These are great instructional videos that are easily followed and repeated by non-guitar-experts like me. Check out Taylor Guitar’s Video page for a lot of interesting content.

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