If you were expecting to land on one of my other web sites (like one of my blogs, or my Digital Setting Circles web site), you might be a bit surprised at having been thrust into unfamiliar territory. But, rest assured, you’ve arrived in the right place. In one of my seemingly-endless fits of dorkery, I decided to consolidate all my web content back in one place. And this is the place. Hopefully, your arrival is the result of being smoothly redirected.

The content from my old Ek’s Files site, my Digital Setting Circles site, and my Ek’s Files Blog and Geek With Guitar blog has all been moved to this new site. You can use the links to the left to find whatever you’re looking for.

I’m using WordPress to manage all the content on my web site now. As I’ve gained experience with WordPress, it’s become apparent that it’s versatile enough to handle all of my web content needs pretty well. I really like the look of the site, now, too, thanks to the new WordPress theme I found. Drop me a reply below and let me know what you think.

One thought on “Consolidation

  1. I hope this reaches you. I use your ASCOM driver for Tangent DSCs with my JMI NGT and NGC MAX in Cartes du Ciel.
    Works great, but drops the connection to the scope on occasion, though why I don’t know.
    I was wondering how many degrees the circles showing where the scope is pointing are, or is that not part of your software?
    Thanks for offering your work.


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