A question from a builder of my Digital Setting Circles project caused me to notice a plastic enclosure that another builder had used to contain the circuit board for that project. Oscar’s web page gives a nice narrative on how he built my project, and this page shows a nice enclosure with a clear plastic top he used for the project. The box came from Jameco, and it appears to be part no. 141832. Make no mistake–you’ll have to cut holes in the sides for the serial connector, encoder connectors, and battery connector, but at least the box is about the right size and looks to be easy to work with. I’m sure there are other suitable enclosures out there, as well.

If you’ve used another enclosure and liked the results, leave a comment below and tell me about it.

One thought on “A Box for the Digital Setting Circles Board

  1. Dave,

    I simply used the basic small box from Radio Shack (270-1802, I think). Works great and I have it strapped with Velcro to the north leg of my tripod. Minor drilling for the cables, but no big deal with the ABS. No battery since I use the USB circuit.

    My next mod I am thinking about is to use RJ12 connectors to allow it to be removed without pulling the encoders off the mount.


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