You may have noticed that my posts on how to make Linksys wireless adapters work in Ubuntu are by far the most popular in my blog. That’s probably because (1) Linksys wireless adapters are pretty popular, and (2) it’s non-intuitive (at least for non-linux geeks) to get them working.

Well, no more. Yesterday I added Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex to my stable of OS installations on my computer, and I’m happy to report that my WUSB54G (v4) adapter worked out-of-the-box (even using WPA encryption)! I had simply left the wireless adapter connected during the installation process (I did a clean install, not an upgrade). Upon first logging in after installing Intrepid, it notified me that there were wireless networks to connect to, and I selected my own. Then it prompted me for my WPA password, and I was connected. Nice!

I don’t have any data yet on v1 of the adapter. I tried booting with the v1 adapter connected, but Intrepid never appeared to recognize it. I was immediately in business when I hot-swapped it for my v4 adapter, though. It may be that the v1 adapter will work fine if it’s connected to the computer when Intrepid is installed. I’ll have to test that on my notebook. (In case you didn’t know, the v1 adapter uses a different chipset and driver that the v4 adapter.)

My initial impressions of Intrepid are very favorable. Whereas I noticed some wonkiness with Hardy (like Firefox closing for no reason, and my SD card reader not working), Intrepid is very well-behaved so far. Compiz is enabled by default, at least for me, and provides some interesting visual effects. I’ll need to explore Compiz further to see what really useful stuff it can do.

In case you’re interested, my computer currently can boot XP, Gutsy, Hardy, or Intrepid. I installed GRUB to a separate partition and use it to boot each operating system. I have an NTFS partition that I share between all OS’s (it’s “My Documents” in XP and “/home/dave/Documents” in Ubuntu), and I share my Firefox and Thunderbird profiles among all the OS’s, too. Thus, no matter which OS I’m using, I have access to all my documents as well as my email and my browser settings. Firefox tends to pop up a little extra information the first time I run it after switching to a different OS (like the “Welcome to Firefox” page you usually see when you run it for the first time, and also a window showing me the add-ons that have been installed), and that’s a mite annoying, but everything else works just fine.

One thought on “Linksys WUSB54G and Ubuntu Intrepid: Yesssss!!!!

  1. Dave,
    I am not a computer person but I have not been able to succcessfully install Unbuntu Intrepid on my HP dv6000. Everything works but wireless. I installed the software again from the Ubuntu CD while connected to the Linksys router but still no wireless. Do you have any other work arounds?




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