I decided to give the Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron beta a whirl today, but really didn’t have much luck with it. First, I was having a hard time integrating it into my existing multiboot scheme on my computer (I use a separate GRUB partition for managing booting between Gutsy Gibbon and WinXP), but I ignored that for the moment. The real difficulty came when I tried to get my Linksys WUSB54G (ver. 4) wireless adapter working. I figured that I could simply follow the instructions that I wrote for doing so with Gutsy Gibbon, but alas, there was no joy. When I tried to manually configure the network settings, I found that I could not select the wireless network settings to modify them. Perhaps this will be fixed before it goes final, or someone else will solve this problem…

In the mean time, my experiment with the Hardy Heron beta has ended. I’ll pick it up again at a later time, perhaps when it’s released in final form.

3 thoughts on “No Joy with Hardy Heron yet

  1. I followed your instructions originally when I made the move to Ubuntu 7.10 from Windows and they worked a treat. I’ve got a WUSB54G V1 and when 8.04 got it’s official release I thought I’d give it a try.

    Boy was that a mistake.

    Now the wireless doesn’t work at all. It can enable the adapter with ndiswrapper, it can see my wireless network (WPA encryted) and will try to connect to it and then……..insert password prompt again………..insert password prompt.

    Have given up now and gone back to 7.10. Good luck with finding a solution!

  2. If you have a V4 of the WUSB54G, here’s a link to a howto in the Ubuntu Forums that supposedly works for Hardy Heron:


    I haven’t tried it yet myself, but it looks remarkably like my howto for using the WUSB54G with Gutsy Gibbon. I think when I tried this with the beta, I was using a V1 and not a V4.


  3. I had many problems with hardy heron about the same time you did and went back to dapper drake. However, in the past two week I have installed hardy heron on my laptop (Dell Inspiron E1705) and desktop (dual opteron) and both work (generic on laptop and amd64 on desktop) except for wifi on the laptop which is probably a driver problem with the intel wifi hardware on the laptop. I can now even get adobe flash to work with firefox on the amd64 system! Currently I am writing a python program (using pyserial) to control your setting circle decoder card.


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