Up to now I’ve been using XLog for logging ham radio QSOs in Ubuntu, but I gotta say I’ve never really liked it much. The user interface leaves a lot to be desired in terms of being unambiguous. I’d been using XMLog for doing my general logging under Windows–it’s a great free program that allows me to easily import contacts from my contest logger and exports to ADIF for sending to Logbook of the World. So, this morning I decided to see if I could get XMLog to run under Wine in Ubuntu 7.10.

It’s a simple matter to run a setup program under Wine. Assuming you’ve installed Wine, you can simply right-click the executable and select “Open with Wine Windows Emulator” from its context menu. This is what I did with the installer for XMLog. Unfortunately, toward the end of the setup, I got a message from the installer saying that it couldn’t register a DLL named scrrun.dll. So, I tried to register it manually by going to Wine’s /windows/system32 directory (you’ll find it in ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32 directory), opening up a terminal window, and typing “wine regsvr32 scrrun.dll”. Regsvr32 reported to me that it couldn’t find mfc42.dll, which scrrun.dll depended upon. So, I found a copy of that dll (it’s a standard dll in almost any Windows installation) and copied it to the same directory, and then retried registering the scrrun.dll file. This time it worked! I reran the XMLog setup program and it installed correctly.

XMLog seems to work fine under Wine–I was able to open old logs, add new entries, export entries, and even use tqsl to sign the exported file for submission to Logbook of the World. The only problem I found was that XMLog seems to only launch successfully every other time you try to launch it. I’d love to fix this problem but so far don’t have any ideas. In the mean time, I guess I can live with that issue.

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