I’ve collected a few links to other people’s pages related to my DSC system. If you know of any other good links like these, please leave a comment below with the info.

Phil Davis’s Digital Setting Circles Project–Phil does a fine job of documenting his DSC project, which is based on mine with a few modifications.

Dan’s Home-Built Encoder Page–Dan Stixrud shows how he used rotary encoders from a computer mouse in his DSC system.

Doug Braun’s Telescope Making Page–Doug has photos of a very nice 10.5″ Dob he built and outfitted with my DSC system.

Oscar Cichlid’s “How to Build Dave Ek’s DSC Page”–Oscar does a wonderful job of documenting how he built the project, including encoder mountings on his Orion SkyQuest Dob.

Bill Snyder’s Amateur Astronomy Page–Bill has some nice pictures of his pulley-driven encoders on a Meade Starfinder German equatorial mount.

Robert Soubie’s USB Conversion–Robert has adapted my encoder interface to use USB.

The PalmAstro Yahoo Group–This is a good place to learn about using Palm OS devices as part of encoder systems (as well as for other purposes).

Grant Robertson’s fork mounted Celestron C8 Installation–Grant shows pictures and drawings of how he mounted encoders on a Celestron C8 with a fork mount.

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